SNAP Employment and Training

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Employment and Training Program (E&T) is administered at the federal level by the United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service.

The SNAP Employment and Training Program was created in 1987 to assist able-bodied recipients in obtaining employment. The purpose of the E&T Program is to help individuals gain skills, training, work, or experience that will increase self-sufficiency.


South Carolina E&T Program Description

Services are available to SNAP recipients seeking assistance with employment related training and job search assistance. There is no minimum participation requirement for these individuals.

Able Bodied SNAP recipients aged 18 – 49 who do not have dependents (ABAWDS) may also volunteer for the E&T program in order to satisfy the work requirement for time limited SNAP benefits.

SNAP E&T Program activities include: Job Search Training, Supervised Job Search, Education, Vocational Training, Work Experience and Work Force Investment Act (WIA) services.

Services are provided by DSS county office staff as well as through partnerships with other State Agencies and Community Based Organizations.

Partnerships and collaborations include multiple Technical Colleges, other State Agencies such as DEW and the Department of Education, the United Way and other Community Based Organizations (CBOs) that offer employment and training services.


SNAP2Work is an employment and training program for SNAP recipients in South Carolina, operated by the Department of Social Services (DSS). Here you can find information about this important program, where DSS works with community agencies to help SNAP recipients find a job. The following information is for providers seeking to partner with DSS in providing employment and training services to SNAP recipients. 

Provider handout - basic information about the Third Party Reimbursement program in SC
Outcome Spreadsheet for Providers - SCDSS SNAP2Work Partner Agency Outcomes Reporting
Quarterly Outcome Spreadsheet for Providers - SCDSS SNAP2Work Quarterly Outcomes Reporting
SC SNAPshot - brief implementation guide
Federal Toolkit - detailed implementation guide
Flyer to recruit SNAP Participants
SNAP population by County
SNAP2Work Directory of Partners/Providers
Partnership Checklist
FNS Memo - clarification on certain cost principles
OMB Circular A-87
OMB Circular A - 122

Indirect Cost Rate Certification
Voluntary Participation Agreement for SNAP Participants
TPRP Monthly Participation Report
SNAP2WORK Third Party Invoice (May 2015)
SNAP2WORK Third Party Invoice Instructions (May 2015)
TPRP - Monthly Participation Match List (Oct 2014)
Local Match Certification Form
Employment Report Form
Scope of Work Template
Budget Estimate

2013 Statewide Meeting Materials: 
United Way of Greenville County Presentation
SHARE United Way Partner Presentation
SCDSS Larry Young Presentation



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