Establishing Paternity

Establishing a legal father benefits everyone involved

It helps children…

  • Feel good about themselves because they know they are wanted
  • Feel secure in knowing they are part of a family with two parents who care
  • Know about both families’ medical and family histories
  • Get access to health insurance and benefits like Social Security and inheritance
  • Grow up happier and healthier
  • Stay away from high-risk behaviors

It helps moms…

  • Get help with responsibilities and decisions
  • Share the joys of being a parent
  • Divide the costs of bringing up the child

It helps dads…

  • Get legal rights to have a relationship with their child
  • Show that they are committed to their child
  • Create an emotional bond with their child and be a part of their child’s life
  • Share their side of the family with their child
  • Ask the court to assist with visitation and custody matters.


If you think that you may have fathered a child, you may register with the Responsible Father’s Registry to protect your rights should the child be placed for adoption.

For married parents, paternity is assumed at birth. For unmarried parents, paternity can be established through a paternity acknowledgement at the hospital or at DHEC Vital Records (or any county health department) after leaving the hospital. 

If you are unsure about the biological parentage of the child, DSS can provide DNA testing to establish paternity and can assist in establishing an order of paternity through the court.  The testing is free.

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