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DSS is a diverse organization that offers professionals multiple opportunities to grow while serving the citizens of South Carolina. We are looking for motivated and career-driven individuals who strive to make a difference, whether on the frontlines or supporting those who work directly with children, youth, adults and families.

Working with Team DSS is both rewarding and challenging and you’ll find a supportive environment ready to help you succeed as well as a team of committed professionals who value your contributions.

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DSS seeks to promote a heathy work-life balance by offering excellent and generous benefits packages, which often outshine competing market offers.

The state offers comprehensive health, dental, and vision programs, along with wide array of supplemental insurance programs.

Holidays and Leave Time
State employees may be eligible for other benefits such as paid holidays, paid vacation and sick leave; as well as, flexible work schedules for some employees.

  • 13 paid holidays
  • 15 days of sick leave per year (1.25 per month)
  • 15 days of annual leave per year (1.25 per month)

State employees are offered a generous pension program with options for Traditional SC Retirement Plan, Optional Retirement Plans and 401K and/or 457 plans that can be tailored to specific needs.

For more information about employment benefits, please contact us at 803.898.9390.



DSS offers internship opportunities for those aspiring to pursue careers in the social services field. Upon approval of internship applications, candidates are placed based on availability within DSS program divisions. Our internship field practicums are quite popular and in high demand! Please submit your application with the following suggested timelines in order to allow sufficient time for processing and placement while spots are still available.

  • Fall Semester Placement: Apply by May 30th
  • Spring Semester Placement: Apply by October 30th
  • Summer Semester Placement: Apply by February 28th

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Current Job Openings

Watch this video to see a realistic view of being a DSS case manager.



Family Preservation Division (Family Preservation Case Manager)
If you want to help families get stronger and work toward reunification and a happier, safer life, this position may be for you. Duties in this position include:

  • planning and executing case work activities to facilitate safety, permanence, and well-being of children who have experienced abuse and/or neglect
  • assessing risk and managing safety threats to children in the custody of the agency
  • engaging children and families in development of treatment plans
  • accessing services and ensuring services are linked to care provider
  • participating in supervision and legal consultations

Intake Division (Intake Case Manager)   
If you love to listen to people and analyze stories and documents, this position as an Intake Case Manger may be for you. Duties in this position include:

  • receiving and screening reports of abuse and neglect
  • assessing information to making critical decisions around the safety of the children involved
  • gathering a broad range of history and information
  • considering all information in the decision making process documenting all information, decisions, and actions

Investigations Division (Investigations Case Manager)
If you’re ready to be the frontline of DSS investigations into allegations of abuse and neglect and want to help families start on a healing process, this position may be for you. Duties in this position include:

  • planning and executing case work activities related to assessment and investigation of child protective services reports
  • assessing risk and managing manage safety threats to children who may have experienced abuse and/or neglect
  • gathering and assessing information
  • conducting interviews
  • engage children and families in development of safety plans
  • documenting activities for the case file
  • assessing need for services and ensuring those services are linked to care providers
  • participating in supervision and legal consults
  • preparing court documents
  • collaborating with law enforcement and service providers

Foster Care Division (Foster Care Case Manager)
If you want to help make children’s experience foster care the best it can be and help foster parents succeed, this position maybe for you. Duties in this position include:

  • planning and executing case work activities to facilitate safety, permanence and well-being of children in the custody of the agency
  • assessing risk and managing safety threats to children in the custody of the agency
  • Engaging children and families in development of treatment plans
  • Monitoring behavior change
  • Documenting activities for the case
  • Making required face-to-face contact with children, families and providers
  • Preparing for and participating in the Foster Care Review Board

Adult Protective Services (APS Case Manager)
If you love working with adults, especially those who need support to care for themselves,  and networking to connect people with vital services, this position may be for you. Duties include:

  • screening, investigating and assessing reported adult abuse/neglect or
  • exploitation cases within time frames established by agency policy and state law
  • determining the validity of such reports
  • completing agency reports as required
  • developing, implementing and updating individual service plans
  • monitoring progress toward treatment goals
  • removing adults from abusive or neglectful homes in order to place them in a protective environment
  • maintaining case records

Child Support Services (Child Support Specialist)
If you are good at helping individuals reach mutual understanding and compromise and have an appreciation for how legal processes help to do the same, this position may be right for you. Duties include:  

  • Preparation of pleadings, affidavits, and other documents for Child Support cases
  • Conduct interviews with, and work face to face with individuals to develop a financial agreement and order for the support of children
  • Safeguard personal and confidential information
  • Work with family court staff, law enforcement, and other partners to ensure the provision of general child support services to constituents
  • Assist Division attorneys in court

Child Support Services Division (Attorney)
SCDSS employs attorneys statewide who support the Child Support Services Division (CSSD). Attorneys interested in joining the CSSD legal team are responsible for the following duties:

    • Preparing and monitoring pleadings and preparation of cases for judicial hearings
    • Negotiating complex settlement of Child Support cases with opposing counsel
    • Representing out-of-state petitioners in reciprocal support suits
    • Handling appeals resulting from Child Support cases

Employment Services Division (Family Success Coach)
If you want to help families better themselves and stabilize their lives on their path to self-sufficiency, this position may be for you.  Duties in this position include:

  • Managing the progress of an assigned caseload of TANF participants.
  • Conducting thorough and interactive family assessments.
  • Providing counseling, referrals, and advice to an assigned caseload of TANF participants. 
  • Supporting the academic, personal, and social development of assigned TANF caseload.

The legal professionals of the South Carolina Department of Social Services serve in a state-wide law firm handling matters at all levels of judicial forums and in Family Court in every county of South Carolina. DSS employs over 80 attorneys and over 100 paralegals. These legal professionals span the spectrum of experience, from interns and summer clerks and entry-level Attorneys waiting on Bar results to veterans with 30+ plus years of experience.


Attorneys can build a career here devoted to child welfare, advocacy and service to those in need. You can advance from no court room experience to seasoned trial litigator to an attorney with responsibility to manage and mentor others. Our trial attorneys prosecute a wide range of child abuse and neglect cases along with adult protective service cases. These attorneys also handle appeals to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.


Paralegals who are employed with the agency likewise become skilled in preparation of pleadings and orders along with courtroom procedures. These legal professionals also have the opportunity to advance and become Area Paralegals.

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Child Welfare Services Transformation

Best Outcomes for Children and Families

Do you have a complaint regarding services being provided to a child by a state agency? Please submit your complaint by phone (1-800-206-1957) or an electronic submission form here with the South Carolina Department of Children's Advocacy.