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Career Opportunities for Legal Professionals at DSS

The legal professionals of the South Carolina Department of Social Services serve in a state-wide law firm handling matters at all levels of judicial forums and in Family Court in every county of South Carolina. DSS employs over 80 attorneys and over 100 paralegals. These legal professionals span the spectrum of experience, from interns and summer clerks and entry-level Attorneys waiting on Bar results to veterans with 30+ plus years of experience.



Attorneys can build a career here devoted to child welfare, advocacy and service to those in need. You can advance from no court room experience to seasoned trial litigator to an attorney with responsibility to manage and mentor others. Our trial attorneys prosecute a wide range of child abuse and neglect cases along with adult protective service cases. These attorneys also handle appeals to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. Each region has an experienced Area Attorney who helps guide and mentor the trial attorneys working in the counties. DSS also employs a number of attorneys who work in the State Office of General Counsel and who focus in a variety of areas such as Human Resources, Contracts and Adoptions. Newly employed attorneys have the benefit of a targeted training program. For entry-level attorneys, DSS Legal has developed a progressive training program, in conjunction with the USC School of Law, which begins with active mentoring and modeling while the trainee observes the operations of the legal office and a variety of hearings and interactions with other agency professionals and community partners. Then, the new attorney will begin to handle uncontested hearings under the supervision of a more experienced attorney. As the comfort and skill level increases, so will the complexity of the assigned hearings. During the first year of employment, all new attorneys who are employed with the agency will attend DSS Legal’s Boot Camp and an intensive trial academy devoted to the issues and procedures unique to our cases.



Paralegals who are employed with the agency likewise become skilled in preparation of pleadings and orders along with courtroom procedures. These legal professionals also have the opportunity to advance and become Area Paralegals.



In addition to a rewarding career serving your community, DSS Legal offers a generous benefit package including three weeks of paid vacation and sick leave per year, health insurance and state retirement. Regardless of your career path, if you desire to be a litigator and an advocate there is no better place to work!


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