The Department of Social Service’s (SCDSS) Office of Contracts and Procurement Services is located at 1535 Confederate Avenue Extension, Suite 421, Columbia, S.C. 29201. Email Procurement Services at



SCDSS Procurement Certification Level

Certification #511 – Certification Date: 3/30/21 – Expiration Date: 3/29/24

Procurement Area/Commodity Class

Amount per Commitment/Contract

Service Provider Contracts funded from Social Services Block Grant and Child Welfare Service Provider Contracts funded from Federal Title IV- Service Provider being provider of services directly to a client.

$2,000,000 per contract per year, with option to extend 4 additional years.

 Supplies and Services

$100,000 per commitment

 Information Technology

$100,000 per commitment


Solicitations and Awards

SCDSS uses the South Carolina Enterprise Information System (SCEIS) for its purchasing activities, including solicitations and awards. Solicitations and awards for SCDSS, and other S.C. agencies and entities using SCEIS, is available on the Contracting Opportunities webpage of the SC Division of Procurement Service's website. Once at this website, find current bidding opportunities posted by SCDSS, by choosing "Social Services" from the Purchasing Agency drop down menu, click "Open" under Solicitation Status, then click "Search." 

You can also find bidding opportunities in the South Carolina Business Opportunities online listing of solicitations from all agencies with an expected value of $10,000 or greater.


Vendor Registration

To do business with the State of South Carolina, a vendor must first register in SCEIS.  To register or update an existing registration, click here.


Purchasing Card Transactions

The SC Comptroller General's Office provides detailed charge card usage reports for all participating state agencies. The Purchasing Card program includes limited-use charge cards issued under a contract between state government and Bank of America. The state-wide monthly reports can be found at:



If you have any questions or comments about procurement opportunities with SCDSS or the information found on this page, contact: Shaneka McDaniel-Oliver at

Interested in doing business with SCDSS? 

Current CONTRACT Opportunities and Awards

Posting Date CONTRACTS - Description Closing Date Q&A Response Awards


Current GRANT Opportunities and Awards


Awards:1. Intensive In-Home Services (Epworth) 2. Intensive In-Home Services (BAIR)Posted 08/22/2022; 5pm

Posting Date  GRANTS - Description Closing Date Q&A Response Awards

Request for Grant Application

Family First Prevention Services – Capacity Building Grants for FY 2022-23 Grant Year
 - Family Centered Treatment – Upstate
 - Family Centered Treatment – Midlands


Deadline for Questions: 

09/08/2022 - By 5PM 

Response to Questions 
Posted 09/29/2022, 2:45pm 



1. Family Centered Treatment - Midlands South Carolina MENTOR

2. Family Centered Treatment - Upstate South Carolina MENTOR 

 Posted 11/08/2022; 4:41pm

 06/28/2022 Request for Grant Application
Intensive In-Home Services


Deadline for Questions: 

07/07/2022 - By 5PM  

Response to Questions
Amended Posting: 07/26/2022, 1:15pm

Posted 07/22/2022: 5pm


1. Intensive In-Home Services (Epworth) 

2. Intensive In-Home Services (BAIR)

Posted 08/22/2022; 5pm


Child Welfare Services Transformation

Best Outcomes for Children and Families

Do you have a complaint regarding services being provided to a child by a state agency? Please submit your complaint by phone (1-800-206-1957) or an electronic submission form here with the South Carolina Department of Children's Advocacy.