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The Office of Inspector General (OIG) ensures Departmental transparency in its activities and the actions of its employees. The OIG conducts independent reviews and investigations to promote unbiased adherence to statutes and regulations, and conformity to Departmental policies.

OIG is staffed with certified law enforcement personnel skilled in specialized administrative and criminal investigative techniques with the responsibility for the detection and prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse in South Carolina Department of Social Services’ (SCDSS) programs and operations. The scope of OIG functions includes:


  • Reviews of Departmental actions which indicate unethical behavior, misrepresentation or falsification of information, and retaliation
  • Investigations into allegations of criminal activity involving Departmental programs, property, employees, contractors and vendors
  • Investigations into allegations of SNAP Fraud over $5,000 through the Investigative Services Division
  • Investigations of criminal history record information on behalf of SCDSS and agencies licensed by the Department.

To ensure the safety and well-being of the citizens of South Carolina and employees of SCDSS, OIG coordinates its efforts through the following:

Employee Safety and Law Enforcement Liaison Program

This unit assists county management with strengthening their rapport with law enforcement and encourages continuous communication between child welfare management and local law enforcement officials. In addition, the liaison educates local law enforcement on current child welfare issues and provides updates on changing child welfare laws.

Employee Secondary Trauma Support

This unit addresses issues that may adversely affect SCDSS employees’ ability to successfully function, both professionally and personally, due to secondary exposure to traumatic events. SCDSS takes a proactive stance in assuring that all Departmental employees are assisted in addressing Secondary Trauma issues that may be impeding their ability to successfully function in their activities of daily living.

Investigative Services Division

This division is comprised of two operational units: Case Intake Unit (CIU) and Investigative Services Unit (ISU). The CIU is responsible for monitoring the Fraud Complaint Hotline and Website. The ISU is comprised of administrative investigators and law enforcement personnel who conduct administrative, regulatory, and criminal investigations on behalf of the Department and at the direction of the SCDSS State Director.

Criminal Records Unit

To protect the children of this state, the Criminal Records Unit (CRU) processes SLED/FBI fingerprint-based criminal history background checks to determine if an applicant(s) can foster a child, adopt a child and work with children in a child care or group home setting. This unit also processes SLED name-based criminal history background checks on foster care and adoption applicants for DSS and licensed child placing agencies. National Crime Information Center (NCIC) National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) searches are also processed on child care and group home employees. In addition, the unit conducts background investigations on employees and contractors who have access to federal tax information.

Emergency Management and Disaster Services                                                                                  

During an emergency or disaster, such as a hurricane or ice storm, the staff at SCDSS provides immediate support to South Carolina citizens. Our staff works to ensure minimal disruption of services, such as child care, in the aftermath of a disaster and provide social services or benefits to qualifying families. DSS also offers disaster preparedness information and training throughout the year for foster parents, group home staff, and child care providers in South Carolina. For more information click here:

Points of Contact

Inspector General

Eva C. Gourdine, Acting Inspector General      
(803) 898-8019


Criminal Records Unit

Eva Gourdine, Director
(803) 898-8019

Ashley Young (Child Care Background Checks)
(803) 898-8009

Richard E. Williams (Foster Care, Adoptions, and Group Home Background Checks)
(803) 898-7071


Law Enforcement Liaison (Vacant)

Jeremy Days, Special Agent in Charge
(803) 898-7604 / (803) 521-9466

Employee Secondary Trauma Support Unit    

Susan Meyer, Program Manager
Mobile (803) 605-1795

Investigative Services Division      

Jeremy Days, Special Agent in Charge
(803) 898-7604 / (803) 521-9466

Disaster Response     

Robert Burress, Program Manager
Office (803) 898-1573
Mobile (803) 636-6600




Child Welfare Services Transformation

Best Outcomes for Children and Families

Do you have a complaint regarding services being provided to a child by a state agency? Please submit your complaint by phone (1-800-206-1957) or an electronic submission form here with the South Carolina Department of Children's Advocacy.