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TeleECHO Clinic Series: January-June 2021

What is Project ECHO®?

The Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes, or ECHO model, was developed at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Centger and is now used nationwide in the United States and internationally. The ECHO model facilitates case-based learning for front-line practitioners via teleconferencing clinics. Similar to the virtual chart rounds, the ECHO model creates a space where practitioners can share knowledge and build support to better manage patients with complex care needs. For more information on Project ECHO, please visit

TeleECHO Clinics

Select Health of South Carolina, in collaboration with SCDSS and the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Children’s Health Department, is excited to launch TeleECHO clinics – an emerging, case-based learning model to improve health care provider’s capacity to treat children and youth in South Carolina’s foster care system.


At TeleECHO clinics, providers from multiple locations connect via teleconferencing to present de-identified patient cases to a team of peers and experts for mentoring and shared learning. Case-based discussions will also be supplemented with short didactic presentations to improve content knowledge and share evidence-based practices.



6/8/21 - The Importance of You: Provider Resilience & Self-Care



5/25/21 - Suicide Risk Assessment and Prevention Initiatives



5/11/21 - Medical Consent for Children in Foster Care



4/27/21 - Understanding Psychotropic Medication Use in Youth in Foster Care



4/13/21 - After Visit Summaries



3/16/21 - Quality through Technology & Innovation in Pediatrics (QTIP) - Lessons Learned: How We Got Here



3/2/21 - Partnering with School Systems to Address Educational Needs



2/16/21 - Identifying Child Maltreatment in Pediatric Practice



2/2/21 - Trauma Informed Practice



1/19/21 - Provider Resources



1/5/21 - AAP Best Practices for Children and Youth in Foster Care         



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Best Outcomes for Children and Families

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