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Emergency Response

During an emergency or disaster, such as a hurricane or ice storm, the staff at South Carolina Department of Social Services provides immediate support to South Carolina citizens. Our staff works to ensure minimal disruption of services, such as childcare, in the aftermath of a disaster and provide social services or benefits to qualifying families. DSS also offers disaster preparedness information and training throughout the year for foster parents, group homes and childcare providers in South Carolina.

Additionally, in the event of a disaster, DSS is designated as the lead agency for coordinating mass care operations. In particular, DSS works with the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, DHEC and other state agencies and volunteer relief organizations in disaster situations to coordinate the capability to meet basic human needs (shelter, food, bulk distribution of emergency relief supplies, disaster welfare inquiries, and emergency social services) during a disaster situation. DSS often provides staff to support the operation of shelters across the state.

To ensure staff and the state are prepared to respond in a disaster, DSS develops mass care training programs for SCDSS personnel and participates in trainings, drills and exercises throughout the state with our partners. Providing disaster response services is another way DSS protects, serves and strengthens families in South Carolina.

Emergency Shelter Information
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