Adoption is a beautiful way to provide a family for a child in need. There are children of all ages in need of a forever home. Making sure children are in safe, loving and permanent families is an important way DSS strengthens families in South Carolina.

438 children were adopted from Foster Care in 2016

You as an adoptive parent do so much for a child:

  • Provide a permanent home and a lifelong commitment to children into adulthood and beyond;
  • Provide for the short-term and long-term needs of children; and 
  • Provide for children's emotional, mental, physical, social, educational, and cultural needs, according to your child's developmental age and growth.

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As part of its reform efforts, SCDSS entered into a Final Settlement Agreement regarding the Michelle H., federal class action lawsuit and has committed to short-term, intermediate, and long-term systemic improvements for children in foster care.

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