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DSS Recognizes March as National Social Work Month

DSS Recognizes March as National Social Work Month


March 2, 2020 - COLUMBIA, SC –   Governor Henry McMaster has proclaimed March as National Social Work Month. Nationally, the official theme, created by the National Association of Social Workers, is Social Workers: Generations Strong.


DSS State Director, Michael Leach said, “To be a social worker means to elevate and empower others. Being a social worker also means helping individuals through complex, difficult, and traumatic situations. It means to have hope and to give hope, while equipping others with the tools they need to solve problems, to cope, and to succeed. Being a social worker means having the commitment and resiliency to push forward and continue to serve, even when you feel you have nothing else to give.”


“Thank you to all social workers who sacrifice, give, and persevere to make sure that the individuals and families of South Carolina can be served and strengthened, and who give their all, daily to protect, serve, and improve the lives of others,” Leach added. 


DSS case managers provide social work services and support to the community in a variety of ways: foster care services, child protective services, employment and training services, adoption and adult protective services.  DSS also employees staff who provide administrative support to those workers.


DSS will post videos and stories about the impact of its work in service to South Carolina’s citizens on social media throughout the entire month.  Please visit us on Facebook and Twitter.


The Department of Social Services currently has job openings for case managers.  For more information visit

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