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Questions & Answers to Ask Before Using Someone to Care for My Child During the COVID-19 Emergency

All of us at DSS want kids to be safe. We want to give you, as parents and caregivers, options and choices that allow you to go to work knowing your child is safe and receiving quality care.

These questions are designed to help parents make an informed decision about where to send your child during the COVID-19 Emergency:

Is the provider licensed or registered by the Department of Social Services?

Under state law certain operations are exempt from licensing. Please be aware that a family, friend or neighbor may only care for one unrelated family to be within the law. If they wish to care for more than one unrelated family, they must be registered and should call Child Care Licensing at (803) 898-9020.

Is this provider required to have background checks?

Regulated providers are required to pass central registry, sex offender and fingerprint background checks in order to care for children.

Can a regulated child care provider expand their capacity to serve more children in an emergency?

DSS does allow licensed child care centers to expand capacity. The child care provider will need to contact Child Care Licensing at 1-888-825-7174.

To learn more about the health and safety of children, or search for a child care provider, please visit



The Governor has declared a State of Emergency for the COVID-19 emergency, and emergency plans for child care licensing are in effect. If you are a licensed child care center and can expand your capacity to serve foster children, children of DSS staff and First Responders or displaced children, please contact Child Care Licensing at 1-888-825-7174 as soon as possible.

If your organization has the ability to set up a temporary child care site, please contact Child Care Licensing at 1-888-825-7174. You may be allowed to operate without a license for a maximum of 30 days in accordance with state law (63-13-440). Child Care Licensing must grant approval for temporary child care arrangements.

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