Information for Parents Receiving Support

Once your case(s) move to the new system, the Clerk of Court will no longer issue support payments to you. A new central unit, called the State Disbursement Unit, will issue payments going forward.  Customer service for the State Disbursement Unit is available at (800) 768-5858.

Direct Deposit and Prepaid Debit Card

The State Disbursement Unit provides two ways for you to receive your payments electronically. You may have payments directly deposited into your personal bank account at no charge. You may also have payments disbursed to a new State-issued, Mastercard® prepaid debit card called the South Carolina Way2Go Card®.

Properly identified payments received at the State Disbursement Unit are typically deposited into your bank account or onto your prepaid debit card and are available to you in two business days.

Transition to State Disbursement Unit Payment Programs

If you currently have support directly deposited into your bank account by a South Carolina Clerk of Court, the State Disbursement Unit will continue depositing into that same account when your case is moved to the new system. Transition of your payments should be seamless and uninterrupted. You will receive a letter confirming the bank account that will be used approximately 45 days prior to transition.

If you are not currently enrolled in a Clerk of Court direct deposit program you must complete an enrollment form to sign up for the new direct deposit program or the new prepaid debit card program. You may also complete the enrollment form if you are currently enrolled in a Clerk of Court direct deposit program but would like to change bank accounts or if you would like to switch to the South Carolina Way2Go Card®.

If you currently have a state-issued or Clerk of Court-issued prepaid debit card, the balance on that card will not transfer to the South Carolina Way2Go Card®. You can continue to use the current debit card until you have spent the entire balance.

South Carolina Way2Go Card® Features and Fees


  • Dedicated 24x7 customer service with self-service and multi-lingual operator support at and (844) 207-3226
  • Option to receive alerts via text, voice or email notifying you each time money is loaded onto your card
  • Companion cards that you can manage for dependents
  • Ability to transfer funds to a bank account owned by you
  • Bill payment services
  • Mobile app


A complete fee schedule for the South Carolina Way2Go Card® can be found here.

Tips for Avoiding Fees

  • Use card for in-person and online purchases
  • Use cash back feature with purchases
  • Limit ATM withdrawals to 4 per month and use in network ATMS (Click here find in network ATMs)
  • Make balance inquiries online, via the mobile app or by speaking with a customer service representative

South Carolina Way2Go Card® Questions

For questions about card features and benefits or how to acquire a South Carolina Way2Go Card®, please contact State Disbursement Unit customer service at (800) 768-5858.

Existing cardholders can get card support at or by calling (844) 207-3226.

How to Change Your Method of Payment

You may switch your method of payment from direct deposit to the South Carolina Way2Go Card® or vice versa by completing and mailing in a new enrollment form. Click here for the enrollment form. You may also change your direct deposit bank account in the same way.

Requests to terminate/revoke a direct deposit authorization must be made in writing and mailed to the address below. Please provide your name, Member ID, bank account number and be sure to sign your request.

Attn: CSSD EFT Processing
PO Box 1469
Columbia SC 29202-1469