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South Carolina Department of Social Services

V. Susan Alford, State Director  

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Emergency Numbers

  • Foster Homes: 1-800-700-1156

  • Child Placing Agencies: 1-800-700-1156

  • Group Homes: 1-800-700-1156

  • Child Care Providers: 1-888-825-7174

Foster Homes

Foster parents should evacuate to shelters that have been approved by the local emergency/disaster preparedness Red Cross team. In the event that the foster parents plan to evacuate to a residence, they must be certain that:

  • The location is safe and is large enough to accommodate everyone; and the location of residence is located far enough away to not be threatened by the disaster; and the name, address and telephone number of the residence is available; and the residence is appropriate to the needs of the child.
  • The foster parents can relocate to an approved Red Cross Shelter. Each foster parent must ensure that the foster child’s name is listed on an attendance roster if they remain in the shelter.

After a family and the foster children have reached their destination and are safe from the disaster they are to call the Disaster Hotline (1-800-700-1156) within 24 hours and inform the agency with the following information:

  • foster child’s name; and
  • county or office of case management; and
  • foster child’s whereabouts and situation; and
  • The telephone numbers and address where the child/family can be reached.

Child Placing Agencies and Group Homes

DSS licensing consultants will be contacting facilities and child placing agencies in preparation for the upcoming storm. Consultants will be gathering evacuation plans and rosters in order to track the location of children being served by the programs. At the time the Governor orders a voluntary or mandatory evacuation, we will be staffing a call center at 1-800-700-1156. Upon arrival at the designated evacuation location, staffs of residential facilities and CPA contact persons are asked to call 1-800-700-1156 or email us at

Child Care Providers

If you are a child care provider, and you experience damage due to the weather, please call DSS Child Care Services at 1-888-825-7174. Staff will provide information about relocating children in your care to facilities that are open and have not been damaged.

Emergency Personnel who are working in areas affected by the weather and need information about available child care can also call DSS Child Care Services at 1-888-825-7174.

Providers who need to hire emergency staff to maintain staff:child ratios, please call DSS Child Care Services at 1-888-825-7174.

Please note: if the children who need to be relocated are ABC voucher children, please make DSS Child Care Services staff aware when you call the emergency number.


  • To Report Child or Adult Abuse and Neglect call your local county office:
  • For information on SNAP benefits, contact DSS CONNECT at 1-800-616-1309 or any local DSS office during normal business hours.
  • To report Vendor/Retailer/DSS Employee Fraud
  • Report State Agency Fraud (Office of the Inspector General)