Post Adoption

Post Adoption Records Request

If you were adopted through The Department of Social Services and are over the age of 21, you are eligible to request a copy of your adoption file that will have redacted information.  Please see the attached Adoption Records Request forms that will need to be completed to start the process.  Since South Carolina is a closed adoption state, the records will not provide biological names, locations, or full dates.  Please note that we cannot provide original birth certificates.  An intake form will be completed in order to initiate the search.  After the intake form is completed, you will be sent a letter that outlines the fees for service and HIPAA guidelines along with an application packet, HIPAA Release Form, and information about the Reunion Registry.  South Carolina Department of Social Services does not have private adoption records.



Reunion Registry

If your child has been adopted through SCDSS or you are an adoptee who is 21 years or older, you may contact DSS to begin the process to request that your name be entered onto the registry.  You will be sent a form to complete, please note that it must be notarized, and send back. If a match is made, you will be contacted with guidance on how to proceed.



Adoption Reunion Registry Brochure

HIPPA form

Application for Post Legal Services

Adoption Reunion Register – Adult Adoptee

Adoption Reunion Register – Bio Parent

Adoption Reunion Register – Sibling

Child Welfare Services Transformation

Best Outcomes for Children and Families

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