Child Fatalities - Statewide Data

The Department of Social Services is charged with investigating reports of suspected child abuse and neglect. Therefore, the child fatalities reported on this website are only those cases that the department has indicated for abuse or neglect. Definitions for abuse and neglect are outlined in the Children's Code Title 63, Chapter 7.

Child fatalities reported on this website do not include all child deaths in South Carolina. This child fatality data cannot be directly compared to the data produced by other agencies such as SLED, DHEC, or the South Carolina Child Fatality Advisory Committee (SCFAC). In many cases, each department's reports are dictated by the purpose and goals of the report and the restrictions imposed by state statutes.

Total DSS Indicated Child Fatalities Caused by Abuse and Neglect for :

This data does not include all child fatalities in South Carolina, but only those reported to DSS and for which DSS indicated the report for abuse and/or neglect.
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Fatalities by Related Factors

'Related Factors' are those factors contributing the death as indicated in the DSS investigation.

Substance Abuse Related

Substance Abuse Related indicates drug abuse/use or related activities were noted in the DSS investigation.

Prior Indicated Report by DSS
on Child

Prior Indicated Report by DSS
on Family in Last 12 Months

Prior Indicated Report by DSS
on Family in Last 5 Years

Age at Death

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